TDS Rate Chart for FY 2019-2020 (AY 2020-2021)

Section Nature of Payment TDS Rate for Individual/ HUF (Indian Resident)(in %) TDS Rate for Non-Resident Indian (NRI) in India (in %)
192 Salary payment As per the income tax category As per the income tax category
194B Income earned through the winnings from card games, lotteries, and/or other games 30 30
194BB Income through winnings from horse racing 30 30
194EE Payment towards National Savings Scheme (NSS) deposits 10 10
194F Payment towards repurchase of units by Unit Trust of India or Mutual Funds 20 20
194G Income that arises from lottery tickets sales commissions and/or other transactions 5 5
194LBB Investment fund which pays income to the unit holder [except for incomes that are exempt under Section 10 (23FBB)] 10 30
194LBC Income generated from investments in securitisation trust (as per Section 115TCA) 25 (for any other person – 30) 30